Investing In Bulgaria

Since the demise of the Soviet Union, Bulgaria has been consistent in its growth path, averaging 6% growth every year since 2004. Its direct foreign investments have been increasing each year due to increased investments in various sectors of the economy, primarily in Energy, Real Estate and Manufacturing. Therefore, for the serious investor looking for profits, investing in Bulgaria is a no brainer.


Today, Bulgaria has one of the most competitive business costs in the world, with labor and corporate taxes being really low when compared to other EU countries. For example, 0% corporate tax is offered in areas with high unemployment rates, whilst a two year VAT exemption is offered for investments that create at least 50 jobs, and cost more than 5 million Euros. The privatizations of various public infrastructures are also creating world class utility and telecoms industries.


The working force in Bulgaria today is made up of more than 4.5 million highly skilled and well educated men and women. This is because literacy rates in the country stand at 93%, and most Bulgarians have a background in sciences, engineering or economics, and a high percentage of the workforce also has training in one thing or the other. This therefore means that labor costs in this country are low, and investing in the country, means that this is one more headache that you will not have to cope with.

Economic Growth

For the last seven or so years, Bulgaria has been enjoying unrestricted growth in its economy due to careful fiscal spending, and a strong and resurging foreign investment. The country is expected to maintain its growth by up to 5% each year, and investing in the country means that a business will reap fully from this functional market economy.

Political Stability

Bulgaria makes use of a parliamentary republican political system, and this has been one of the main reasons why it is so stable. The executive, legislature and judiciary are all independent meaning that the clashes with the arms of government are non-existent. Furthermore, Bulgaria joined the EU, and its legal system has been harmonized with that of the European Union.

Location and Life Quality

Lastly, investing in Bulgaria can be a great choice because the country is strategically located on the European continent meaning that accessing the EU market is easy. In fact, markets in the eastern and central Europe can offer your business access to more than 800 million people.

Life in Bulgaria is also really cheap, and the clean air and water in the country only make living here better. The country has 7 national parks, 17 bio reserves and more than 400 protected animal species, making it a haven of unspoilt and natural beauty.

So, investing in Bulgaria can only mean one thing; your business prospers and you reap in huge profits due to the accommodating business environment found here.

Quick Facts

Population: 98th (7.4 mln)

Area: 105th (110,994 sq km)

Years in existence: 1332 years

Official Language: Bulgarian

Currency: Bulgarian Lev (BGN)

Capital: Sofia